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Mini-Storage Professionals
We offer the most reasonable pricing in the area.
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Mini-Storage Professionals

Most reasonable pricing in the area


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We can take up to 5000 lbs with your vehicle

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Keep rocks and road debris from hitting your car.
Also, it will keep other cars from dripping fluids on
your car. Know your pick up date and drop off date
Palm Bay, Florida   Moving Company

Local Moving in Palm Bay, Florida
For a dependable local move, rely on Pro Load Moving Systems. For 35 years, individuals and companies have depended on us for locations throughout Florida. We've handled countless relocations, we understand exactly what it takes to ensure your local move is cost-effective and goes according to plan. All of our prices for local moves are guaranteed, as well as your moving dates.
Every local move price includes the following:
    Loading and unloading of furniture and boxes
    Shrink wrapping of upholstered furniture
    Pad wrapping of all other furniture.
    Wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes.
    Disassembly and reassembly of beds and other furniture
    Placing furniture and boxes in new home where requested
    Packing and unpacking of items
    No charges for stairs, elevators or excessive distance carries
    No charges for bulky items such as refrigerators or appliances

Long Distance Moving
We can move you around the corner or around the country. While moving to another part of the country can seem like a daunting task, we have the knowledge, resources and expertise to make you move a stress-free process. We work hard to ensure our crew utilizes the best practices and equipment available in the industry.
We can devise a cost-effective transportation strategy for you and will use the best equipment and trained staff to handle your shipment.Our services include, but are not limited to:
    Door to Door Service
    Professional packing, wrapping, carting and loading at origin
    Unpacking, unwrapping, uncrating, unloading at destination
    Partial or entire household shipments
    Motor Vehicle Shipping

We make monthly moving trips to the New England area.

Office Moving in Melbourne and Palm Bay, Florida
We are dependable movers who can effectively handle your business move. Time is money. Every company knows that downtime for your business and employees hurts your bottom-line. If you find that it's time to relocate your business, Pro Load Moving can help reduce or eliminate downtime during the process. Our strategies and procedures for moving small businesses and professional offices are designed to get you up and running in your new location as quickly and safely as possible. We have modern and clean trucks and equipment. We can provide flexible scheduling. We'll work tirelessly to ensure your office and employees receive only the greatest attention throughout the duration of your relocation. Call us today to plan your next commercial move.

Senior Moving Services in Melbourne, Florida
In the over 35 years that we have been providing moving & storage services, we have become experts in the specialized needs of moving seniors to independent and assisted living facilities. We perform these services professionally and compassionately on all of our senior moves.
    Professional moving and packing
    Storage and/or disposal of unneeded or unwanted items
    Unpacking and organization of household items
    Set up of electronics (i.e. TV, DVD, Clocks, Stereo Equipment)
    Hanging of pictures and mirrors
    Pre move arrangement of furniture to new residence
Our rates are affordable and our work is exceptional. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you the benefits of using Pro Load Moving for your senior moving needs.

Car Transport
Shipping a car can be unnerving task which may take up to a week, depending how long you drive each day. The cost of fuel, lodging, and food can add up to make a shipping a car very expensive. We may be able to provide you a lower shipping cost and faster shipping time than if you were to do it yourself. Hiring us can save you time and money.

Truck Rental Loading
Storage Units/Pod Packing/Moving

We assist our customers with professional loading, unloading, packing, unpacking and driving moving vans and trucks. We offer shrink wrapping, padding, and packaging materials when needed. Our packing servicies ensure your load is packed professionaly and as efficiently as possible. we can also advise on size of truck needed and or amount of storage space needed.

Piano/Organ Moving in Melbourne and Palm Bay, Florida
Piano moving is no small task. The sheer weight and size of pianos and organs make them difficult to handle for most people. In the hands of someone not trained in piano moving, an attempt to move a piano or organ can cause damage to the instrument and your home or building. Still, many people hesitate to call professional piano movers because they mistakenly believe the cost for piano moving is extremely high. We offer fair prices, and we treat your piano as if it was one of our own.

Small/Partial Moves
Moving doesn't always mean moving large furniture or an entire home. Sometimes it's only necessary to do a partial move (also known as small moves) which consists of a few items or maybe just a bed. A small move is generally anything that is less than 2,000 pounds. Small moves can be as little as one item or several boxes. We specialize in small moves and partial moves.

Shrink Wrapping
When moving, shipping, or storing shrink wrap delivers tamper proof security, environmental protection, and the ability to cover any size or shape item seamlessly. Our shrink wrap service allows you to store your items practically anywhere saving you the worry and cost associated with protecting your goods. It protects your goods from water damage, dust, pests, and airborne debris regardless of where you store.

Moving/Packing consultation/advice
Call us for a free consult/estimate regarding any moving or packaging questions you have.


We are a professional moving company located in Palm Bay, Florida. We offer local moving services including all of central Florida.
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